Sidney Arrives!

This past couple of weeks have been rather preoccupying. Sarah finally, a week overdue, had her baby. And just as Nana predicted - an 8lb baby girl. Mom and Dad decided on the name Sydney Nicole Julie Taylor. I like Sydney- its a nice name.

Sydney is beautiful. She looks just like her mother did when she was born - like a little Thumbelina Doll. A perfectly round head, little turned up nose and perfectly formed lips. Do I sound like I'm bragging! Of course I am!

Sarah looks great. I can't believe how she does it. She gives birth like a pro - doesn't even make a peep until the baby's head crowns. Her sister and I and the midwives can only look on in awe as she does it all with a bare minimum of support. With Sydney only a few hours old, mom hopped off the hospital bed and said, "let's go home." Now here she is a couple of weeks later and mom looks wonderful, baby lost and regained her birth weight in a week, (she's 8lb 6oz now!) mom's milk is in and nursing is going perfectly according to plans. It's too good to be true.

Here is Sarah and baby just after she's born. We've got to get a couple more pictures of Sydney from David. We stayed away and took the older children as we were both sick with colds when the baby was born. Now David's mom is here from Alberta for a week to help out. My turn next week!

grace... Nana


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