Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are we there yet...?

The day that lasted forever is happening right now. Anxious to arrive at our new home in London, we got up early this morning to head out. But a thunderstorm decided to make a dramatic entrance and there were downpours so thick we were soaked through in a minute while we got the trailer hooked up. Quite a change from the cold constant drizzle of the lower mainland we're used to.

Then we got in the road but had to inflate the air shocks (pronounced "shacks" in Illinois.) Then the i90 to the i294 around Chicago. Need I say more? That took forever. Does Chicago ever end?

Then the question- do we take i94 or i196? The gps has been steering us wrong and wanted us to take the i90 right through downtown Chicago so we won't follow that. Then what happened to our Michigan map? Got to buy another one.

Now we're on the last leg of this journey and the signs say Port Huron 110 miles. But there is another lighting and thunderstorm. How long can this day last for? Will it be dark when we try to park the trailer in the driveway? Is the driveway even long enough?

Stay tuned...it's 6:15 pm now, I'll update later.


So the cable guy figured the driveway was 20 ft long and that gave me something else to fret about. How great I am at that these days. We ran out of American money and didn't have any American cash when we hit the bridge from Port Huron over to Sarnia. No one mentioned it cost money to get out of the states! Crazy! The woman asked how we got into the US - hadn't we come over the bridge? Then we told he we came from BC and that we used up all our cash at the tolls on the highways! Couldn't we pay online like the other toll booth worker told us? She radioed someone and then said we could go through, but only this once, never again! Real stern. We just said thanks and hightailed it out of there!

It was so easy to find our new house. So close to everything. And the driveway was just long enough for our RV. We won't keep it there for long as I think they have rules here about that.

It seemed weird walking into a strange house. It seems very nice but tonight I'm too tired to notice much - except the bed! Gonna have to do something about that!

What was so nice was that my best friend was here to welcome me. She even had dinner ready for us! We haven't lived in the same province for 19 years now. This is another consolation God has blessed me with. If I have to be so far from my kids, at least I have Dora, Linda and so many others here. And my brothers aren't too far either. I'm looking forwarding to connecting with new friends too. I just hope everyone is patient with me and my tears of grief for my family. I miss my children and grandbabies so much...Sigh... Well, sometimes you just have to suck it up and get on with it!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Long Day

We've now been on the road for over a week and we are headed for our next and final stop before London. All the stops have been pre-planned except the first one (car broke down) and have turnned out ok, some better than others. If you have to stop in Worthington, Minnesota , be sure to stay at the American Inn right off the I90. Very nice for a quick stop. Not 4 star but reasonable rates and recently completely redone.

However, I didn't plan our next stop very well. We are a bit far from Six Flags and Ed is not sure how that will work. We are also worried about leaving the dog for so long. She did fine the other day when we were gone for 8 hrs sightseeing and she'll likely be fine, but she's lost a bit of weight on this trip. She is an old girl after all, 14 - 98 in doggie years! So we're looking into the possibility of a different campground a bit closer. I'm praying.

We were late yesterday. It was a long drive and seemed to take forever. We stopped a couple of times and bemoaned the consequence of arriving so late. We decided to stop for dinner an hour before our destination and it was a great meal. They had wifi which cheered up the boys - and Ed and I - and so we all caught up on Facebook. When we left to go it was dark out and we were tired. I heaved a sigh and got back into the car. As we drove along we were treated with a lovely sight - fireflies dotting the fields around us as we drove. I've never seen so many of them before! It was fascinating! Then we came across a great mystery. There seemed to be dozens of red flashing lights over the fields. We could not figure them out. Very strange. Finally, there were some close enough to the highway and Nathan realized what they were - windmills! Generating electricity!

Much to our delight, the hotel pool was open to midnight. The boys and Ed went down while I enjoyed some time alone! This morning we leave behind Worthington and we're on our way to the Chicago area. Tomorrow Six Flags. God has been very good to using this trip. We're looking forward to see what other blessings he has for us in the next few weeks!


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Saturday, July 23, 2011

R & R

As I sit and write this post I'm watching the dying embers of our campfire. Crackling sounds fill the night and the voices of the boys getting settled can be heard in the background. It's peaceful. I don't want it to end, but it will. I've learned that all things end eventually. But for now I take in the sights and sounds and hold them as memories to draw on when I need to visit a peaceful place.

We tried to sleep in this morning but it was no good. Perhaps tomorrow, but not too late. We have sight seeing to do! Today was a day of rest. Well, for me it was. Do you call water sliding and swimming and basketball and bike riding rest? That was the day the boys had. They're a little more tanned and water logged but having a good time. Right now they're watching The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and comparing the laughs they hear to Dad and Derek's. I think they're right.

Tomorrow it's off to Mt. Rushmore, caves and zip-lining - ok, so it's crazy and I may chicken out if it's too high, but we'll see.

Now it's off to la la land. A good rest and now a good sleep.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I thought it was a long drive to Coeur D'Alene from Arlington, but it couldn't compare to today's drive. Today we drove k800 kms through one mountain after another. I thought that after Billings it would be flat prairie, however, I was wrong. We have to drive down Hwy 90 through Wyoming and the Big Horn Mountains, which will take us to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

So far the scenery has been spectacular! Idaho and Montana are wonderful. The people are very friendly and the service we've received has been great. The beds we've slept in haven't been great and both Ed and I have very sore backs. Avoid the Comfort Inn in Coeur D'Alene. After tonight we are camping for three nights so we'll be in our own beds. Yes!

The boys are doing well for their first long road trip. Their old enough not to be asking "are we there yet?" - well, Nate is! ;-) They've been playing games on their iPods and listening to music, playing cards and sleeping.

Tonight we arrived later than we thought. Silly me, I forgot the time change. We got a quick supper and headed off to the pool and great watersides. The hot tub was just what I needed to relax after a day of sitting cooped up in the car.

The other surprise on this trip
is Cuddles who is 14. We weren't sure how she'd do being so old, blind and deaf! But she is traveling really well. Not eati
much but getting offered. Hopefully shell be just fine.

It's been distracting looking at the scenery but off and on I get very emotional thinking of all the family we've left behind. I don't like this feeling and pray that this melancholy passes.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


So here we are stuck in Arlington, Washington. Not. Much to see or do, but there's a small pool and hot tub. Our plan was to be in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho the first night but we only made it part way before the car gave out. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix it and get it going for us.

Sometimes you have to wonder why things happen the way they do. We had a three hour wait while AAA got their act in gear. Talk about frustration! Then a nice older gentleman came up to us and asked if he could help. They saw our trailer and have a similar one, and well you know, an RV'er needs help...you help. They stayed and kept us company, chatting about RV's, camping, grandchildren - you know, just stuff. Turns out they were from Coeur D'Alene and were on their way to Seattle to see their new grandbaby. Small town folk with big hearts. I got her name - Zala. Turns out her Aunt was a Brigadier in the Salvation Army! Told us some stories they heard from her.

We said goodbye to our new RV friends and went off with the two giant tow trucks - thank goodness we got BCAA RV Premium coverage. But if we hadn't, that nice gentleman from Idaho was willing to give us a tow to the nearest campsite.

I think they were angels.

God is gracious...Kathie

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