Saturday, November 24, 2012


I wish I could see into the future. Like a prophet, but more like a super prophet. I'd peer, ever so intently, to see what the next step in my life was supposed to be. Wouldn't that be a lot easier than guessing all the time? Wouldn't it take the pressure off? You wouldn't have to try to figure out all the ins and outs of life - you could just coast on through.

No. We'd likely get bored.

Instead, we ask for wisdom. We ask for God to speak to us and help us with the decisions we have to make. We ask for discernment when offers are there for the taking and people who seem to good to be true cross our path.

James tells us there is two kinds of wisdom. The wisdom that is from the world and the wisdom that is from God.

Wisdom from God produces a good life full of good deeds done in humility. Likely a simple life filled with mercy and justice. You know people like this, they're rare, but they're around. They're the ones you seek out when you want good advice. They're the ones that we admire yet don't seek our admiration and are embarrassed by it.

Wisdom from the world is an ambitious wisdom. It's seeking wisdom for personal gain. You can tell a life led like this as it's filled with chaos and evil. You know these people - always out for themselves, never do anything for anyone without an ulterior motive involved. It's always a drama around them. You see it in politics and business every day. Greed. But you see it in the church too, among Christians who vie for positions of power and authority. Sigh.

I want wisdom from God. I pray for that, and I'm sure God sends it, it's just that I miss the mark sometimes. I'm afraid sometimes. Afraid to be brave and listen to His voice. And sometimes my motives are just selfish. It's true. We're all like that from time to time and if we think we aren't, we're lying to ourselves.

Solomon asked for wisdom and he received it. God, give me wisdom and help me not to end up like Solomon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Emmie's Blanket

A beautiful shawl-like blanket made with Sirdar's Soft Spun DK and Snuggly White Whispers. You can make this blanket by decreasing the middle section by 24 st multiples and/or not knitting as many repeats for the length. I made the blanket 33in x 39in but you can make it any size you like.


Yarn A - 4 50g balls of Sirdar Snuggly White Whispers  Col #193
Yarn B - 3 25g balls of Sirdar Softspun Luxury Soft Spun DK Col. #559

Needle size:  4.5mm
Tension:  22sts

Blanket Pattern:

Cast on 180 sts in Yarn A.(I used Long Tail Cast On, but you can use Cable Cast On too for an even edge.)

Border:  Knit 8 rows (Garter St)

Pattern rows:  First K6 sts and last K6 sts in Yarn A.  Middle pattern in Yarn B.

Row 1:  Knit
Row 2:  K6, Purl to last six sts, K6.
Row 3:  K6, *K2tog x4, (yfwd, K1) x 8, K2tog x8* repeat from * to last 6 sts, K6
Row 4:  Knit
Repeat rows 1 - 4 four times.

Knit 8 rows in Garter St in Yarn A.
Repeat the pattern rows and garter sts approximately 10 times.

Bind off after final 8 rows of Garter St.

Roller Coasters

Life has a way of getting you down, doesn't it? Just when you think you're getting back up from a fall, something comes along and wham,down you go again.

What's up with that?

Whether its a family issue or a problem with your boss, a fight with your teen ir having to make the big decisions about a job or career change - it can be downright discouraging at times.

The worst thing is, even when the stress has passed, the issue gets resolved, your body experiences the fallout. Exhaustion sets in and you get sick. If you're facing multiple stresses over a prolonged period, then you're going to risk developing health problems that won't be easily addressed with a holiday on a beach.

How grateful I am for a God who loves me enough to sustain me through these times. This past year has been an emotional roller coaster for our family and we're very thankful to be back where our children can see each other more often. It has taken its toll on us. So, I'm thankful for God's sustaining power, mercy and grace.

But is that enough? Yes it is, but I believe we have to partner with God and take time out to rest and rejuvenate. When we do this, God gets more of our undivided attention. We give ourselves the opportunity to reconnect spiritually and renew physically.

If you're in the middle of a crisis or are experiencing prolonged stress, take time out and take care of yourself. You'll be better for it. Even if it's intense and you think you have to ride it out, don't do it. Slow down, take a deep breath and press the reset button.

grace ...Kathie

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Music That Moves Me

What kind of music moves you? I don't mean your favourite song, I mean the sound of music that inspires you.  Different music brings out different emotions in me. When we're in the car and I hear music by Simon & Garfunkle and other folk groups with their vocal harmonies, I just can't help singing along with them. Other music just perks me up and I want to dance along. In our family, by far the favourite to dance along with, is Earth, Wind & Fire's September... I used to dance around the house to that with my girls when they were young. They still love it!

I thought I'd share with you some of the music that I just love and play over and over. These pieces continue to move me in different ways.

When I need comfort I listen to calming music. I can always fall asleep to this no matter what is spinning in my head at night...

When I need inspiration I listen to classical, this is one of my favourites...by one of my favourite violinists, Sarah Chang...

And also Rachmaninoff... reminds me of a special night at the Vancouver Symphony...

There are so many songs I love when it comes to my faith and spiritual inspiration. Hillsongs With All I Am and Still. However, I still love Andre Crouch and his Through it All classic (found here) ... but he still has it in him after all these years! I'm giving my age away here by admitting I used to go to Massey Hall in Toronto to those All Night Sings where I heard all time gospel favourites! They inspired my faith as a teenager...

However, the most beautiful song in it's original and it's more updated version is I'm In His Hands. You can hear the whole story here by Phil Laeger on Kickstarter. His version is simply the most beautiful piece I've ever heard. The combination of Stanley Ditmer's deeply moving words and Phil's his new melody moves the spirit within. I believe it is a Holy Spirit conceived piece of music - by both writers. Just listen to this... it brings up such emotion in me.  As an officer I place my life in His hands every day, not only for my ministry, but for my future and where He'll lead me. This past couple of years have been very difficult for me and I've often wanted to turn back and follow another path. This song helps me stay the course and have assurance that no matter what happens, I'm in HIS hands.

Hope you enjoyed this little musical journey. I love that God created music for us to enjoy, to inspire, to comfort and to deepen our faith.

grace... Kathie

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Under the Magnolia Tree

"Telling your story often and in detail is primal to the grieving process. You must get it out. Grief must be witnessed to be healed." Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

 I close my eyes and I am there - not here... surrounded by all my children and grandchildren... laughing, happy, having a great time together. It's spring and the Magnolia tree is blooming and it's time for our annual family picture. The chaos that ensues while trying to gather everyone, find the dog, get the boys to stop chasing the other kids.... and get under the tree. Up go the boys into the branches, the girls gather theirs around them and then quick, stand still.... smile, laugh... say stinky socks! Done!  

After they've all gone home, we sit and put up our feet up and sigh a tired sigh... but a satisfied sigh of relief that the chaos is over for now.

How I long for that chaos again. Every day I think about it. I think about being there with them, sitting on the couch knitting while the kids play all around me, the noise so loud I take my hearing aids out!

But I am here. Not there.

I am reminded by the message I gave at the end of January and the word that God gave me...

I have to be willing to give up the life I've planned to receive the life that God has for me.

You can here my message here. The music that Sunday was great, hope you enjoy it.  I'm long winded, as usual... 

grace.... Kathie