Monday, April 17, 2006

Uncle Evan

I love my uncle Evan! He is so much fun, he's always doing something to entertain me. But you know what, even though he's so bouncy and always jumping around, when he stops to pay attention to me, which is a lot, he is so gentle and he always kisses me on the head.

Here I am at Nana's house and me and Evan are cuddling on Nana's big chair. We fit in so nicely together, don't you think? Uncle Evan is holding me so nicely - I'm going to grow up and really love Uncle Evan even more than I do now.

I love going to Nana and Papa's house, it's so much fun there! I escpecially love Uncle Evan!

love Sydney

Isaac's New Sweater

Wow! My nana made me a new sweater! It's so cool, I had to put it on right away!

I love the stripes and the colours, they go so nicely with my lovely deep brown eyes. Sorry, I know that sounds incredibly conceited, but I really am rather cute.

My mom and dad brought me over for Easter Sunday dinner. We actually went to church this morning and sang wonderful songs and I got to play with Papa while Nana preached an awesome sermon!

At Nana a Papa's house, I ate a little bit of wonderfully prepared (by Nana of course) mashed potatoes and moist, succulent turkey. The gravy that topped it off was absolutely superb, and again we have to thank Nana for that.

I love my new sweater. Nana is going to make one for my big brother Hosea too! Except his is going to be a really nice sage green to go with his colouring - that red hair gets all the attention!

Anyway, I have to go home now, my mommy says it's my bedtime. See you next time, I love you Nana and Papa. Thank you for my lovely new sweater!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Been a While...

Well, it's been a while since I posted. I get so busy - and lately we've been quite busy with not only our regular schedule, but also we've had a lot of company. Everyone is wanting to come and see my mom before she can't remember them anymore. I'm glad that they've made the effort, it meant so much to mom.

This is my nephew Alan and his wife Karen from Cambridge. They just came to visit us for a week and I think Karen fell in love with cuddles! We had such a great time together and I'm waiting for their call to say the movers have been called and they're on their way! Karen was so great with grandma - she is a home care support worker by profession and so knew exactly how to deal with her and take care of her - and grandma lapped it up! Compared to that I think we mistreat her! Anyway, she had a great time together with Alan, her oldest grandson and her first grandchild that she had to spend time with looking after. Alan and I were buddies when he was a little guy - I was 10 when he was born so he hung out with me and I corrupted him as he grew teaching him "french" and how to ice skate.

The first one to come and see us was my brother Ron who lives in Belleville. He stayed for a week and it was great to see him. I don't think we took any pictures of him when he was here! Then my brother Pat came to see us with his new wife. They only stayed three days. But it was the first time we met Diana and it was good to get to know her. They live in Fort Erie.

It's now time for "Sunny Boy" to make his way out here. His mom is waiting for him and disappointed everytime she asks. I've tried the guilt trip, I think it might be working slowly!

What is so wonderful is that God has allowed my mom the time to get the chance to see her family again. What a blessing that is.