Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two Weeks

I've been sliced and diced.  I've been slam dunked.  I am very tired.  Major surgery sucks, big time.  So I'm taking it easy, keeping the load light.  Some days the pain is hardly there at all, other times it's like a slow, dull ache that makes my tummy feel like a huge weight (which is really is!) and that I can't carry it.  The only thing to do is to lie down.

So, after checking out Hyster Sisters on my laptop in bed, I'm going to crash for the night.

I'll keep you posted.


Not Really a Post

OK, so I'm trying out a new editing program for blogging from windows live.  Interesting, I don't have to go on the blog to do this, I can do it from my laptop and the program writer.  Seems a bit faster and easier.  Let's see, I've not got any new pics on this computer yet, so I'll try to add one I like from the samples. 

Garden Wowwww! Look at that nice pic.  Orange, yummmm.

OK, so this works ok.  I'll have to get serious and write a real post to try it out.