Home Sweet Home!

My mom came home today! We've arranged all the necessary home care stuff - man, is it ever complicated. She's all pooped out from her big day. Soon, the home care person will come and get her ready for bed and she'll be off to dreamland - well, that is unless she falls asleep before that.

When I got her home she said, ''Oh, home, sweet home!" She recognized her home. When she was up in her room sitting in her favourite rocking chair she asked me, "Will I ever get my husband back?" I asked her if she meant her husband George - "Yes" - I had to remind her that he passed away. I didn't say 25 years ago! But when I reminded her she seemed to remember.

How scary it must be to forget things and be so confused. How cruel this life is to us as we age. Today when we left the hospital we said goodbye to the other ladies and wished them well. My mom waved goodbye, so happy to have a family to care for her.

I'm so happy she's home. I can rest now.



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