Amazing Memories

Here we are back in September 1990 - our Welcome Weekend. That's what they called it when you went off to The Sally Ann's training college. Sarah & Sheena are in their little mauve dresses and Derek looked very smart in his suspenders and bow tie. Man, am I ever thin! I was only 140 there! Well, that was about 40 pounds ago!

What memories this brings back. We've been making up an album for my mom so that she can look at it in the hospital and remember us all. I came across this and it amazed me. What a day that was. How nervous we were. Now, I think, if only I knew - I would have run the other way and fast!!!

I can't believe how far - geographically speaking and spiritually speaking - that God has brought us. Our lives have been such an adventure and we've been able to make a difference in someone's world. How amazing that is. What a wonderful feeling that is.

Thank you Lord.



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