Friday, March 17, 2006

Sleep Overs!

Mailea is here tonight! The boys wanted her to come and have a sleep over. It's kind of funny, they were all raised together for Mailea and Evan's first three and a half years. For those who don't know - Evan is my youngest child and Mailea is my oldest grandchild! Yes, "Father of the Bride Part Two" - that was us, my daughter and I pregnant at the same time. What a time that was!

There's a bond between Mailea and the boys. It happened from growing up for a while together. For the longest time Mailea thought that I was her second mommy! Sarah and I even had to substitute breast feed for each other and I think that led to a further bonding between us all!

Granddaughters are neat. They bring back so many memories. Playing with dolls, dressing up like a princess, make up and tea parties - us girls just kind of do that stuff. But Mailea can also run with the boys and she rides her bike and wears her hockey jersey too!

I thank God for my Mailea - her name means Myrtle Vine and it grows in the forests of Hawaii. It is harvested by hand at only certain times of the year and is used to decorate homes and doorways on special occasions and also adorns a bride at her wedding. Mailea is like that - God's special girl given to us to bring us geat joy and bring beauty to our lives.

God bless Mailea!

grace...Kathie (Nana!)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Another Grandbaby!

Say hi to Isaac! He is a sweet little boy with a real gentle nature to him. It doesn't take much for him to break into a great big smile. He looks like mom, Sheena. He has the same kind of shy sweetness to him when he smiles. I have a picture of Sheena when she was small and you can see the same thing in her.

Grandbabies are so awesome! However, I don't get to spend enough time with them! I keep telling the girls to slow down and let me get closer to retirement so I can have some fun spending time with them!

Here is Sheena - She really is a beautiful young woman. She doesn't even need makeup to look beautiful! She is such a good mom! Can you see her eyes in Isaac? The darker complexion - so unlike his big brother Hosea.

She's giving us another grandchild this June! We know it's a girl - 3 grandbaby girls and 3 grandbaby boys - wow!

Thank God for children who bring so much to our lives and teach us to live every day to the fullest. Thank you God for all my children - all five of them! Bless them, Lord!


Monday, March 13, 2006


It has been a whirlwind of activity lately. Or else it just seems like it. I've been so distracted and had difficulty staying on any one task at a time. How frustrating. It's just so much for one person to deal with at times!

Here is the latest thing that is taking my mind away from other things I should be doing but don't really want to! This is Sydney, modelling a lovely new sweater that her Nana made for her. Sydney is such a little doll. She reminds me so much of her mother - her nose is just like Sarah's, a little turned up with a cute little point to it. I'm waiting for a mole to show up on her face just like her mom's! Sydney and I seem to get on very well. I guess you could say we have a little bond that happened the day she was born - she heard my voice and turned her head toward me in the delivery room, our eyes met and we've been pals ever since. My other grandchildren are all very special too. I'll have to write about them soon.

Here is the sweater up close. I used a Peter Pan pattern and used Snuggly Fair Isle DK. The colour almost seems like cotton candy and Sydney has just the right colouring for it, too! I really like Snuggly yarns by Sirdar. Their acrylic is soft yet stands up to washing/drying and doesn't pill like Patons Astra/Canadiana does. The trim on this sweater makes all the difference, turning it from a boring raglan, to something quite feminine, something a girley girl would wear.

Thank God for knitting and the sanity it brings. I don't know if I could manage without it in this busy, crazy and often chaotic world. I sit in the living room or in my bed, put on anything on TV or sit and chat with, someone and my fingers let loose. It takes the chaos and helps my mind to work it through with a sense of peace and settles all the issues I'm dealing with in their rightful place in my mind.

Today, I'm having a day off - I think it's time to get some knitting done. Hopefully, no one will disturb my peace. That will be my prayer.