Deception - a Risk

We've had a young man staying with us since Christmas. Jordan came to us at the shelter and my son decided to bring him home for Christmas and he just never left. We felt he could have the bedroom downstairs and since he said he was starting a new job, he would pay some room and board. He couldln't go home, he said, because he wouldn't join his parent's religion - they are Jehovah's Wittnesses. We took him at his word and it turned out that our trust was misplaced.

Derek was most hurt of all. He'd really put his friendship on the line and it was used and abused. When the web of deceipt came to light it really stunned us all. Derek was, understandably so, very disappointed.

The disbelief that comes to mind is just phenomonal. Even when presented with the evidence of truth you don't want to believe that someone could so abuse you. But that is what happened. The risk was taken - someone came into our home. We opened up our hearts and gave our love and care. Basically, it was gobbled up by someone who just wanted to take. Extreme selfishness was at the core of that. A lust for power and control that lies and theft bring.

So what do you do when someone betrays you like that? How do you cope with the truth of deception? Do you stop trusting people? Do you decide not to help someone again? Do you close off your heart to the cries of help from others?


What you do is pray. Pray for that person that deceived and used you. Pray for God to bless them. And everytime you feel that disappointment, you pray again. Then you reach out and get ready to help someone else.

Not everyone will scam you. Most people won't. But there will be some who do. If you are going to put yourself out and make yourself vulnerable to others, it's going to happen. But you can't let the sins of others determine the course you will take. That would be giving them more control over your life than they deserve. Instead, embrace each experience and learn from it. Will you be a little more careful next time? Yes. Once burned, twice shy? Perhaps. A little wiser, but unchanged.

God be with you Jordan wherever you are. I pray he blesses you. If you read this, you are welcome in our life and we are more than willing to help you face the challenge of positive change.

grace... Kathie


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