Mothers, Daughters, Sisters

Well, as I write this I'm exhausted from a 24 hour ordeal with my mom and the hospital. She hasn't been herself lately and so I decided yesterday that I had to do something about it. She seems vacant lately and her speech and memory were suddenly not what they should be. Even though there was nothing dramatic happening, I still felt I needed to finally take her in. My doctor ended up suggesting the hospital - and so the adventure began.

The doctor she saw today asked me why I didn't bring her in when she had her fall in January. I'm like, why? She got up, she didn't break anything, she seemed fine at the time and the last time this happened - well I was made to feel like I had wasted everyone's time over nothing. On top of that you get the lovely BC Health System (notice the capitals?) which causes more sickness trying to get through it all to get the help you need. Waiting room waits for almost four hours, no beds available, doctors who take forever to get to you and then when they do their so busy with so many cases you feel like you've maybe been imagining it all and you should just go home.

Anyway, my mom is in hospital. They don't know what's wrong with her - she may be having TIA's (mini strokes) or she may have something going on in her corotid artery, or it may be her heart. Either way, she needs too much care to be at home and I can't take care of her in her present state.

I miss her.

Even though she drives me crazy.

Who will tell me my hair looks like hell before I go out?
Who will remind me that my behind is very big these days? Am I gaining weight?
Who will tell me I never come home from work, Im too busy?

It's funny when your parents age. Even though the roles reverse somewhat, and they become like children and you the parent, they still retain that position in your life that gives them the right to point out all your faults!

I miss her.

I hope she gets well enough to come home soon. She asked me about the boys - who is taking care of them? Are they ok? She knows she has a family. She knows she has a home. It's so much more than some older folk have these days.

God help those other ones we saw down there that were all alone.

grace... Kathie


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