So here we are stuck in Arlington, Washington. Not. Much to see or do, but there's a small pool and hot tub. Our plan was to be in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho the first night but we only made it part way before the car gave out. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix it and get it going for us.

Sometimes you have to wonder why things happen the way they do. We had a three hour wait while AAA got their act in gear. Talk about frustration! Then a nice older gentleman came up to us and asked if he could help. They saw our trailer and have a similar one, and well you know, an RV'er needs help. They stayed and kept us company, chatting about RV's, camping, grandchildren - you know, just stuff. Turns out they were from Coeur D'Alene and were on their way to Seattle to see their new grandbaby. Small town folk with big hearts. I got her name - Zala. Turns out her Aunt was a Brigadier in the Salvation Army! Told us some stories they heard from her.

We said goodbye to our new RV friends and went off with the two giant tow trucks - thank goodness we got BCAA RV Premium coverage. But if we hadn't, that nice gentleman from Idaho was willing to give us a tow to the nearest campsite.

I think they were angels.

God is gracious...Kathie

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