I thought it was a long drive to Coeur D'Alene from Arlington, but it couldn't compare to today's drive. Today we drove k800 kms through one mountain after another. I thought that after Billings it would be flat prairie, however, I was wrong. We have to drive down Hwy 90 through Wyoming and the Big Horn Mountains, which will take us to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

So far the scenery has been spectacular! Idaho and Montana are wonderful. The people are very friendly and the service we've received has been great. The beds we've slept in haven't been great and both Ed and I have very sore backs. Avoid the Comfort Inn in Coeur D'Alene. After tonight we are camping for three nights so we'll be in our own beds. Yes!

The boys are doing well for their first long road trip. Their old enough not to be asking "are we there yet?" - well, Nate is! ;-) They've been playing games on their iPods and listening to music, playing cards and sleeping.

Tonight we arrived later than we thought. Silly me, I forgot the time change. We got a quick supper and headed off to the pool and great watersides. The hot tub was just what I needed to relax after a day of sitting cooped up in the car.

The other surprise on this trip
is Cuddles who is 14. We weren't sure how she'd do being so old, blind and deaf! But she is traveling really well. Not eati
much but getting offered. Hopefully shell be just fine.

It's been distracting looking at the scenery but off and on I get very emotional thinking of all the family we've left behind. I don't like this feeling and pray that this melancholy passes.

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