Are we there yet...?

The day that lasted forever is happening right now. Anxious to arrive at our new home in London, we got up early this morning to head out. But a thunderstorm decided to make a dramatic entrance and there were downpours so thick we were soaked through in a minute while we got the trailer hooked up. Quite a change from the cold constant drizzle of the lower mainland we're used to.

Then we got in the road but had to inflate the air shocks (pronounced "shacks" in Illinois.) Then the i90 to the i294 around Chicago. Need I say more? That took forever. Does Chicago ever end?

Then the question- do we take i94 or i196? The gps has been steering us wrong and wanted us to take the i90 right through downtown Chicago so we won't follow that. Then what happened to our Michigan map? Got to buy another one.

Now we're on the last leg of this journey and the signs say Port Huron 110 miles. But there is another lighting and thunderstorm. How long can this day last for? Will it be dark when we try to park the trailer in the driveway? Is the driveway even long enough?

Stay's 6:15 pm now, I'll update later.


So the cable guy figured the driveway was 20 ft long and that gave me something else to fret about. How great I am at that these days. We ran out of American money and didn't have any American cash when we hit the bridge from Port Huron over to Sarnia. No one mentioned it cost money to get out of the states! Crazy! The woman asked how we got into the US - hadn't we come over the bridge? Then we told he we came from BC and that we used up all our cash at the tolls on the highways! Couldn't we pay online like the other toll booth worker told us? She radioed someone and then said we could go through, but only this once, never again! Real stern. We just said thanks and hightailed it out of there!

It was so easy to find our new house. So close to everything. And the driveway was just long enough for our RV. We won't keep it there for long as I think they have rules here about that.

It seemed weird walking into a strange house. It seems very nice but tonight I'm too tired to notice much - except the bed! Gonna have to do something about that!

What was so nice was that my best friend was here to welcome me. She even had dinner ready for us! We haven't lived in the same province for 19 years now. This is another consolation God has blessed me with. If I have to be so far from my kids, at least I have Dora, Linda and so many others here. And my brothers aren't too far either. I'm looking forwarding to connecting with new friends too. I just hope everyone is patient with me and my tears of grief for my family. I miss my children and grandbabies so much...Sigh... Well, sometimes you just have to suck it up and get on with it!

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