R & R

As I sit and write this post I'm watching the dying embers of our campfire. Crackling sounds fill the night and the voices of the boys getting settled can be heard in the background. It's peaceful. I don't want it to end, but it will. I've learned that all things end eventually. But for now I take in the sights and sounds and hold them as memories to draw on when I need to visit a peaceful place.

We tried to sleep in this morning but it was no good. Perhaps tomorrow, but not too late. We have sight seeing to do! Today was a day of rest. Well, for me it was. Do you call water sliding and swimming and basketball and bike riding rest? That was the day the boys had. They're a little more tanned and water logged but having a good time. Right now they're watching The Forbidden Kingdom with Jackie Chan and comparing the laughs they hear to Dad and Derek's. I think they're right.

Tomorrow it's off to Mt. Rushmore, caves and zip-lining - ok, so it's crazy and I may chicken out if it's too high, but we'll see.

Now it's off to la la land. A good rest and now a good sleep.


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