Roller Coasters

Life has a way of getting you down, doesn't it? Just when you think you're getting back up from a fall, something comes along and wham,down you go again.

What's up with that?

Whether its a family issue or a problem with your boss, a fight with your teen ir having to make the big decisions about a job or career change - it can be downright discouraging at times.

The worst thing is, even when the stress has passed, the issue gets resolved, your body experiences the fallout. Exhaustion sets in and you get sick. If you're facing multiple stresses over a prolonged period, then you're going to risk developing health problems that won't be easily addressed with a holiday on a beach.

How grateful I am for a God who loves me enough to sustain me through these times. This past year has been an emotional roller coaster for our family and we're very thankful to be back where our children can see each other more often. It has taken its toll on us. So, I'm thankful for God's sustaining power, mercy and grace.

But is that enough? Yes it is, but I believe we have to partner with God and take time out to rest and rejuvenate. When we do this, God gets more of our undivided attention. We give ourselves the opportunity to reconnect spiritually and renew physically.

If you're in the middle of a crisis or are experiencing prolonged stress, take time out and take care of yourself. You'll be better for it. Even if it's intense and you think you have to ride it out, don't do it. Slow down, take a deep breath and press the reset button.

grace ...Kathie


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