Under the Magnolia Tree

"Telling your story often and in detail is primal to the grieving process. You must get it out. Grief must be witnessed to be healed." Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

 I close my eyes and I am there - not here... surrounded by all my children and grandchildren... laughing, happy, having a great time together. It's spring and the Magnolia tree is blooming and it's time for our annual family picture. The chaos that ensues while trying to gather everyone, find the dog, get the boys to stop chasing the other kids.... and get under the tree. Up go the boys into the branches, the girls gather theirs around them and then quick, stand still.... smile, laugh... say stinky socks! Done!  

After they've all gone home, we sit and put up our feet up and sigh a tired sigh... but a satisfied sigh of relief that the chaos is over for now.

How I long for that chaos again. Every day I think about it. I think about being there with them, sitting on the couch knitting while the kids play all around me, the noise so loud I take my hearing aids out!

But I am here. Not there.

I am reminded by the message I gave at the end of January and the word that God gave me...

I have to be willing to give up the life I've planned to receive the life that God has for me.

You can here my message here. The music that Sunday was great, hope you enjoy it.  I'm long winded, as usual... 

grace.... Kathie


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