I wish I could see into the future. Like a prophet, but more like a super prophet. I'd peer, ever so intently, to see what the next step in my life was supposed to be. Wouldn't that be a lot easier than guessing all the time? Wouldn't it take the pressure off? You wouldn't have to try to figure out all the ins and outs of life - you could just coast on through.

No. We'd likely get bored.

Instead, we ask for wisdom. We ask for God to speak to us and help us with the decisions we have to make. We ask for discernment when offers are there for the taking and people who seem to good to be true cross our path.

James tells us there is two kinds of wisdom. The wisdom that is from the world and the wisdom that is from God.

Wisdom from God produces a good life full of good deeds done in humility. Likely a simple life filled with mercy and justice. You know people like this, they're rare, but they're around. They're the ones you seek out when you want good advice. They're the ones that we admire yet don't seek our admiration and are embarrassed by it.

Wisdom from the world is an ambitious wisdom. It's seeking wisdom for personal gain. You can tell a life led like this as it's filled with chaos and evil. You know these people - always out for themselves, never do anything for anyone without an ulterior motive involved. It's always a drama around them. You see it in politics and business every day. Greed. But you see it in the church too, among Christians who vie for positions of power and authority. Sigh.

I want wisdom from God. I pray for that, and I'm sure God sends it, it's just that I miss the mark sometimes. I'm afraid sometimes. Afraid to be brave and listen to His voice. And sometimes my motives are just selfish. It's true. We're all like that from time to time and if we think we aren't, we're lying to ourselves.

Solomon asked for wisdom and he received it. God, give me wisdom and help me not to end up like Solomon.


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