Recovery, Recovery

Well, it's been three weeks and not an easy time. I should have been able to spend more time writing, knitting and reading. However, after norwalk virus, bladder infection, drug reactions and allergic reactions, fever, chills, you name it- I'm rather knocked over. I've been reading posts on Hyster Sisters and some women have had a much harder time than I have. Thank God for my family and their help.

It's a strange sensation to have a hysterectomy. With my main source of female hormones gone, I thought I would feel something. But nothing. No huge emotional swings, no hot flashes to speak of. Nothing. As a matter of fact at this point I should be in a huge emotional swing - getting ready for the next onslaught of PMDD. Ha, ha! No ovaries! No more emotional nightmare.

Perhaps this difficult physical recovery will be rewarded with relief from the stranglehold my hormones have had on me for years. Maybe I'll have a chance to spend time with my family without the exhausted feeling of depression and sadness. Irritability and anger can depart now - there is nothing to stoke the flames.

Keep calm, don't do too much, watch more HGTV. I can write now, with a little more concentration. Work on my course. Keep my mind busy.

grace, I need God's grace.


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