Proud Mama!

This is Abigail's Shawl. My daughter Sarah designed and knit this for a mom's new baby. It was beautiful and soft. She made it out of Sirdar Snuggly DK in White and stitched Abigail's name on the bottom right corner.

Sarah picked up knitting really quickly. She has a slow but steady rythmn in her stitching and her work is always beautiful and even. Among some of her first knitting projects she tackled and lace and cable poncho for her little girl.
It's such an amazing feeling when your children like what you like and pick it up, following in what you've done. It's important not to force your stuff on them, but it is a good feeling when they appreciate what you do and try to emulate your efforts.
God is good and always surprising us with little delights that make up total happiness. I love that about Him.


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