Ciao, bela!

It's almost time for us to leave for Italy - one more sleep! Well, if I can get to sleep! Since my surgery, I've been slowly recovering. It's hard to get better when you feel like you've been run over by a truck. Every day it's just a little bit better. Not a lot, just a little. Drives me nuts!
I'm almost ready. I haven't packed yet, but I had so much to do today - write an article, finish editing another article, finish sewing up a sweater I knit, finish up the lace shawl I knit - block them both - I didn't get to the packing because I ran out of steam.
I overdid it yesterday. I've learned my limit - no more than 2 hours without stopping for a rest! I was in pain and still am a bit today. I'm going to try to rest - how will I ever do that?
Well, it's time to sleep and dream of Italy and sailing down the grand canal in a gondola with my dear hubby! This is our 25th wedding anniversary to ourselves - even though we've now been married 26 years! Our flight leaves tomorrow night!
Excited - just only slightly!
grace... Kathie


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