Labour of Love

I'm embarking on a new journey today, casting on the stitches for a shawl for my daughter, Sarah. Since she can knit, I've not ever knit her anything too big, but it's time to correct that. We picked out a pattern, did a search for the right yarn - and did not come up empty handed!

I'm knitting a pattern called Gunflint by Melissa Schaschwary found at 

However, I've made a few changes to make it drape differently. My daughter wanted a different edging, one that had a gentle wave to it. I couldn't figure out what to use? I searched through my Knitting on the Edge and Over the Edge books, but nothing matched the pattern well. 

Anyway, I knit up a sample and I noticed something...

Look at how the pattern from the body of the shawl itself waves gracefully. All it has is a 2 row garter stitch border and it pulls the border along with it. So we're going to go with a simple 1 inch garter border all around. 
I'm so excited about the yarn even more so than the pattern. We chose 365 Cashmere by Lana Grossa. It has 77% Cotton, 15% Cashmere and 8% Polyamide. It has a corded construction which makes it stronger and gives it more bounce. This is so important for cotton and cashmere because neither of these fibres have bounce to them. The piece I knit above stretches and gently returns to position. This is great because Sarah wanted a shawl she can wear around the house, so it will get a lot of use. However, the corded construction can sometimes make material less soft - not so with 365 Cashmere, it is so lovely and feels great to work with. I think I'll make something for myself in this yarn!

I'm using 4.5 needles, my Dreamz circular set, which I love and use almost exclusively! 
I'll keep you updated.


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