It's Almost Here...

It's the Sunday before Christmas. 
Three days of kettles left. 
Youth group party tonight. 
Christmas Eve service to finalize. 
Last minute Christmas shopping to do.
Just thinking about it all I feel so tired! 

Even Tallulah is pooped! 

I'm not sure how we get caught up in the hustle and bustle each year. Part of it is our work - raising funds for our social services, feeding and providing toys in the community.  On top of that there's the usual visiting and praying with the sick, preparing the Christmas Eve Service, participating in community Carol services, navigating the sometimes treacherous waters when dealing with dozens of volunteers and rushing your kids to the doctor because 'tis the season!'

I just want to slow it all down and savour the atmosphere and anticipation of the celebration of Jesus' birth. I want to sit in front of the fire and knit, play with my grandchildren and enjoy the company of my husband and kids. 

Soon enough there'll be time for that. For now, it's 40 winks and back at it.

When I opened my eyes and looked at the lights my dear hubby put up, the tiredness starts to wane 

and I get that happy feeling again. 

For now it's back to work...and we're off! 



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