Procrastination or Busyness?

I have got to get those discussion questions done! Oh, and I have to call the hearing centre, my hearing aid just stopped working. Don't forget to pick up the tax receipt at the school...oh right, dear hubby did that last week!

Kathie feeling a little frazzled today!
Well, I've written about this before. Crazy how, when there are so many things piled up on the highway of your life, some things get missed or put off. I'm feeling a little cramped for time right now because I'm getting ready to go on two weeks holiday to the Philippines. (That's right! My first time there and my husbands first time returning to his birth place in 47 years.)

Anyway, if something is going to go wrong, it's going to be when I'm getting ready to go somewhere or when I already have a pile of things to do. Murphpy's law? What is that anyway!

So, back to those discussion questions. Yes, I'm writing them for someone at the head office and she has promised me a conversation about them. So, hopefully, I'll be able to get some time today to sit and edit them...must strengthen filter!

Then, I'll get the other two articles done that are due while I'm away.


grace please, Lord....

Oh, and my article is on the website now, so check it out:



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