Long, Long, Long Stay... Yay!

Do you know we've been in our current appointment for almost 13 years now?  That's a long time.  Our first two appointments, in spite of seeing great increase in ministry, were short lived.  I suppose that since things took off quickly they wanted us to go somewhere else and see things take off quickly in those places too.  However, both ministries pretty much  died out and the first had to be resurrected again.  The second, Chinese Ministries, never recovered from officer moves and is no longer in existence.

However, our current ministry has grown and evolved into something that will leave a lasting legacy of God's provision in this community.  Not because we're so great, but because we stayed long enough to figure out how to do it here!  We're a bit slow... ;o)

I think I'll have to write about this.

grace... Kathie


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