A Growing Family

Life never ends up the way you thought it would. You have a picture in your mind as you go along - when your children are young, of course! Then as they grow and mature, they make up their own story - and it changes yours. I never thought I would be a grandmother at 41 never mind a grandmother of 8 at 50! I pictured my daughters going off to university, then establishing a career and then getting married and having children starting right about.... well, now.

However, in a healthy family, each child gets to determine how they'll follow God's plan for their life when they come of age. Parents never really know what to expect when it comes to their kids. So as I experience the reality of being a Nana so early while still having young boys at home, I sense the hand of God in all of this. God is leading us on a journey and it's going in a different direction than we thought it would. It affects our life in so many ways - the direction of our work and vocation, our retirement, how we spend our time... everything changes.

That's not always a bad thing.

Enjoy the pictures... Kathie

Papa's Girls Sydney & Alethea (& baby Lily)

Mailea & Nana

Mailea, Sydney & Bronwyn blowing raspberries!

Bronwyn Sheena Anne born March 19th, 2009

Naomi Kathryn June born June 27th, 2009

... And now a reprieve.... till the next one gets married and starts having children. How many will we end up with? Who knows....

Want to make a guess?


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