As I write I'm sitting here watching the memorial service, listening to the tributes in word and song, I'm reminded that Michael Jackson was much more than what the tabloids and media fed to us. The irreverent names, the lawsuits, the criminal charges, the surgeries... his eccentricities... convinced many that he was crazy, weird... Wacko.

I grew up to the tunes of Michael and danced my heart out to the beat of his music. His poster adorned my walls as a young teen along with Donny Osmond and so many others cut out of Teen magazine. I remember Ed and I attending the Jackson concert at Maple Leaf Gardens - the Victory Tour - it was outstanding! I don't think I ever enjoyed a concert more than that one.

To those who did not grow up loving his music and following his career perhaps wouldn't understand the way that many feel about him. But he was important to our world, the world we grew up in.

Today, they are remembering the good things that he did. They're remembering the things that he accomplished. They're remembering the giving to charity - he gave more to charity than any other pop star. They're remembering the legacy of music that he left us. Through his music we heard him grow, then we heard him blossom, then we heard him change, then we heard him express his journey, then we heard his anguish and pain... he showed us that he was just a man.

Michael believed in God. He struggled to find the right way to express this belief and remained on his journey. The children of Martin Luther King spoke about how he called their mother when she was dying and told her how he had been praying for her. I think he spent his life seeking God. He was on a journey. No matter what we thought of him through the tabloid feeding frenzy, you cannot deny that he had a huge impact he had on our world, on the people that he touched .

I know he made my life much more full because of his musical contribution.

I will always remember him.

I will always dance to his music and when I can't dance anymore, I know my heart will remember .

I will pray for his children that they will find peace and that God will bless them.

May God bless his family and those that knew him personally and who are grieving a lost son, brother, good friend...

I hope in His journey that he found God, because I know that God loved Michael Jackson.
Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me
Lord, heal the world, and let me be a part of that work...

Farewell, Michael.


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