My New Haircut

Well, I got a new haircut, but I can't show you yet, don't have a pic taken. I think I really stunned everyone - I had a lot cut off. Wen't from mid length curly/messy look to short, cute & perky bob - straight! Well, it's getting nicer out and I'm getting tired of looking messy. I'm going to be riding my bike, too, of course, and I need my hair to be 'athletic' looking. But really, honestly??? I just wanted a change on a whim - and gosh, why not! Hair - it grows. Well, for some it does, not poor Michael - he keeps shaving off what little he has left!! Poor boy. He reminds me that hair is a priviledge.

My hubby doesn't seem too happy though. He's making funny faces at me and said I remind him of the neighbour. I'm afraid to ask if he means the husband or the wife. My daughter said it looked "Chic" but she prefers the soft curls. If I said that to her after a haircut, she would cry. Good thing I'm made of strong stuff!

But my mom - well, she loves it! So no more "Are you going out with your hair looking like that?" comments. Or my personal favourite "God, you look like hell! Don't you have a comb?" Yes, this is my born again Christian mom - who unfortunately has dementia. Well, I tell myself that it could be worse than having "golden girl Sofia" living with us!!!

Well, that's all for now folks! I'm so busy these days, I'm finding it hard to sit a write and my mind is so distracted that when I'm writing, my mind wanders off before I realize my fingers have stopped typing!!!



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