Our Family is Growing

This is the newest member of our family! Boomer will be two in October and he is a Golden Retriever. We were given this incredible gift by a breeder in Robert's Creek, who parted with him tearfully just the other day. Now we know why it was hard for them to part - this is one of the nicest dogs I have ever known. He is gentle and timid - so gentle that Evan isn't afraid of him. That is a miracle. He is trained and responds well to commands. He's a little sad right now but after 24 hours his tail came out from between his legs and is wagging. Cuddles, of course, put him in his place as the dominant female in the house, but I think even she has been won over by this kind and gentle giant. Here they are together - her expression says it all!

Welcome to the family Boomer!


  1. Boomer is AWESOME!!!!
    Congrats on the new addition!!!


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