My Crazy Boys!

Evan (6) & Nathan (8)
Here they are all slicked up by Paola, our friend, babysitter and all round beautiful young girl. The boys love to have her come over and she does up their hair. She took these pictures of them! What a great girl! Thanks, Paola! The boys are having a great time these days, but my goodness, they keep me busy. Always on the go and always fighting, that's boys, but so loving at the same time.

Here is Paola at camp sunrise in the pool - we spent a great weekend with her family at our trailer. Her family came from Mexico four years ago. Her parents work for us and now come to our church.
Here is William, her brother. He is a crazy, drum playing boy! A lot of fun and he is great to have around. We thank God for both of them and their parents (who were enrolled as soldiers today.)
God is so good to us. Our summer was full of wonderful blessings! New friends, new family (human and otherwise!) and lots of fun. Till next year, so long to camp sunrise - hello busy and chaotic life! We're back!


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    Hi Mom,

    I just read your blog since I've been gone. It's so good to see pictures and hear about what's been going on in your world. I love reading your articles. Only 7 more weeks... Miss you and love you lots. Sheena


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