Giving Thanks

Yesterday we had our family Thanksgiving dinner at my daughter Sarah's place. Wow, the thing that I noticed the most was the noise level! My family has grown so large and incredibly, there are 14 now and come January when Sarah's new little one is born, there will be 15!

Noise is something that I find really hard to handle these days. Partly because I'm losing my hearing and so a lot of background noise confuses me and prevents me from concentrating on what I'm trying to listen to. The other problem is my FMS - on foggy days I just cannot concentrate at all and a lot of noise in a room just irritates the heck out of me. Now, I'm not about to stop getting together with my family so I'm going to have to find a way to cope with it better.

My sermon yesterday was on Psalm 100 - make a joyful noise unto the Lord... When I was studying I found that the Israelites were a noisy bunch when it came to worship. I just couldn't imagine cymbals clashing, ram's horms bowing and shouting going on - it would be chaos. It must be like that for older folks used to the old church hymns - our electric guitar and drums must sound very noisy to them. Sorry mom...

God is so good and we have so much to be thankful for: my family, the noise (I could be totally deaf!), babies, food (especially turkey!) and our health. On the subject of Mr's health.... that's another blog!

grace for today.... Kathie


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