Lord, What Shall I Do?

As a Christian, I'm pretty sure I've been somewhat successful at figuring out what God wants me to do when it comes to some of my major decisions.

But who am I fooling?

How can anyone know the mind or will of God?

When you make decisions, do you use your heart?

For instance,  do you ask God to open a door to show you a path that you should go?

Or do you use your mind?

For instance, you tell God what you want to do and then pray for Him to bless your decision?

It depends on what you believe about how God acts in our life and intersects with us.

Charismatic Christians will say they can hear God's voice and have visions, either waking or sleeping. They may receive a "word" from God for themselves or someone else.

Other Christians will say that God isn't a voice you can hear, but you can be guided generally by His word and other Christians who give good Godly counsel.

Others fall in between citing that they sense God's Spirit within them at peace or that something comes to mind and believe it comes from God guiding them.

Someone recently told me that God is not about to lead us to a place of anxiety or fear, but rather we should sense peace when deciding, a spiritual peace.

We pray for wisdom to know what to do, so if God gives us wisdom, we should use it, right? We're not puppets on a string with a master puppeteer lifting our arms in legs in the direction we should go. We're also not pawns on a chess board in some master universal chess game of good against evil.

What we think is important. From deciding the direction of our own lives and work, it affects what we tell our kids. I remember a well meaning youth leader at a camp telling our girls that they need to make sure they choose the right guy to marry. They sure don't want to miss going with God's "Plan A" and end up with God's "Plan B" or second best. They were so confused and asked, "What if I fall in love with the wrong man?"

So I want to know what you think? Do you hear God's voice? Do you sense His leading in your life? What does that look like for you.

Let me know.



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