Why I Write

     Recently someone pointed out to me that it's been my privilege to be allowed to write for my organization. I have to absolutely agree. It's a tremendous privilege to have your words enter into another person's mind, influencing their thoughts, challenging their perspectives and soothing their burdened hearts. I don't take that lightly.

     For me to write is to experience life in a more fuller way. I process my thoughts while I write and speak. One day I may state I believe a certain way in something, only to have my thinking challenged in a conversation and be persuaded to look at something differently. That's happened to me so many times over the years - as many times as I've had the opportunity to challenge and persuade others. When this happens I just have to tell others!

And yes, that is a privilege.

     Recently I wrote a short piece about where my desire to write comes from on the Canadian Writer's Who are Christians blog. You can read it here.  This is the website of The Word Guild, an organization for writers who are Christian. This group is a wonderful collection of writers from Canada who write because they are driven to write, called to write and gifted to write. There are some wonderful writers who post on the blog each month. If you're a Canadian and you like to write, check it out.


ps. if you want to read some of my previous writing on the Salvationist.ca, you can go here.


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