Five Little Bones

Two positions. That's it, just two. 

Stand up or lay down flat. Hrmph! Well, at least I've progressed to two. It was just one the other day.

Frustrated over this, I've tried to keep my mind occupied with checking emails, following up with small administrative tasks I can do while lying flat with my iPad propped on my lap. I'm also researching for my next article, getting my sermon fine tuned in my mind and sneaking over to Facebook and twitter to wow my friends and followers with a ton of articles I've browsed through.

Who would have thought five little disks and an SI joint could wreak such havoc on a person? As inflammation and deterioration increase, the wonderful computer we're born with goes into triage mode and says to the muscles, "Quick! Stop those joint from moving, they're in distress!" And so they all obey, the glutes, the lower abs, the illiopsoas (a vital core muscle), hip flexor, contracting, creating spasms to warn you to stop moving because something is wrong. But, you stretch and massage and you keep moving, like you do and so NOW they decide to contract harder and trap the nerves. Well, then you're hosed, that really puts a damper on your plans! You know you're going to be in a bit of a fog for a couple of days.

What can a girl do? Knit. It's the answer to all life's problems. Off I go into my happy place and click clack away. Mighty chick with sticks - I can do anything! However, with all the frogging (rip it, rip it) I end up doing, you know it ain't so. 

Heave a big sigh. Be still. Listen to God. Listen to His Word. Receive His grace.

Oh yeah, I love that grace. 



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