I am feeling... so ..... discombobulated.


Verb (used with object), - lat'ed, -lat'ing.
To confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate: The speaker was completely dicombobulated by the hecklers.
Origin:  1825-35, Americanism; fanciful lteration of discompose or discomfort.

Is it September already? What happened? I'll tell you what happened - a storm blew across the country and we were caught up in its path. We were swept into London in a whirlwind of unpacking boxes, getting our bearings, finding where things are, getting new services set up and tears and humidity and learning about our new work which is turning out to be like memorizing an encyclopedia.

Well, let me tell you, for those who haven't been keeping up with my facebook posts, we are now beginning the routine which will help us to settle in our new home and work in London, Ontario.  Our two young boys who came with us on this trip have begun school and both seem to like their school, their respective teachers and have met other kids in their classes - thank you Lord! 

Poor old cuddles, she's discombobulated too. Can find the door, bumps into walls (she's blind as a bat!) and pees on the floor all the time. Gotta watch where you're stepping.  The vet said it will take her six months or more to adjust - we wonder if she'll live that long!

We have yet to find a doctor, dentist, naturopath.... vet and groomers. We haven't got our health card form sent in yet nor do we have licence plates as our Suburban didn't pass the Ontario government's idea of a safe vehicle. That's another huge amount of money.

However, we do have our driver's licence! That's one thing done.
We know where to shop! That's another...
We know where several Tim Horton's are... and that's really important as well as Swiss Chalet!

We're getting there.... slowly!

But we've also been sick... a flu bug going through us.... literally...
S l o w i  n  g    u    s     d    o   w    n!

I had someone say to me they hadn't heard me this confused since I dropped my phone in the toilet! Well, stress and grief will do that to you I suppose.  What can a person do?  Just muddle on, getting through it, getting on with the necessary, taking care of the urgent and attending to the important.

In the meantime, I like my work, I like the staff (we have a wizard who wears funky socks who works for us!) I like London... a bit conservative here, a bit traditional... but friendly.  I think we'll be ok, we just need time to settle in.

So, as for the question in my last post.... We Are Now Here.

I'm thankful for my family & friends who have prayed for us through this whole ordeal.  I know we're being covered by their prayers and I know God is answering them. 

I'm also thankful for Skype and the Internet. 


ps....let me know what you think of this new look on my blog, I'm trying new things.



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