Life's Just Like That

Change. I crave it sometimes. It causes stress. I like it. I hate it.

Do I sound a little conflicted? Yes, because I am.

Sometimes change in our lives can bring excitement. We anticipate a positive event like a wedding, birth of a baby, graduation, new job... all of these types of changes can bring stress, but it's generally good stress with positive outcomes.

Other changes can bring negative stress. Divorce, death, serious accident, ill health, losing a job, moving... these can knock a body over, overwhelm a person.

But change just for changes sake, for some people is just fine.  I remember lots of times coming home and my dear hubby had rearranged all the furniture. Many times, during the early days of our marriage I would go into the kitchen and look for something, only to find he'd rearranged that too.  Me? I like things put in one place. I like to know that everything has it's place - and it's the same place as last month, next month and next year!

I think behind all this change stuff is control.  Positive changes are usually within your control. You choose them.  You're the architect of that change.  But do those changes still have negative stresses to them?  You bet they do! That's because every thing we do, every change we make affects others in our lives and they experience a loss of... wait for it....control.

So, it all comes down to this control thing.  Am I saying that people who don't like change might have problems with control in their lives?

What do you think?

Well, perhaps then, when we're feeling that things are just a little bit out of control, we can depend on God. He never changes. He never leaves us. He never forsakes us. When we're freaking out, He is there. When we're experiencing loss of control, He reminds us that we can depend on Him to get us through. He knows the future - He is in control - even though it may not "feel" like it, He holds on to us so that we're not overwhelmed or knocked over.

Thank God! Here's a great song by a favourite group of mine, enjoy!


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grace... Kathie
(the sometimes control freak who feels overwhelmed and knocked over sometimes!)


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