The sound of rain on the leaves of the magnolia tree gently woke me this morning.  Lazy. Who wants to get up when it's so cozy in bed.  Luckily, I didn't have to get up for anything in particular.  However, as I lay there I realized that this was the signal that summer was offically over.

Today was a perfect 'get back to work' day. School for the boys starts tomorrow too.  It's just that time of year.  Everything begins to rev up and life will get busy.  By Christmas I'll be tired, so tired I'll want vacation time again. But Christmas break will revive me and then January retreat will refresh me and I'll have the get up and go to get done what has to get done until .... around April, I'll start to think about vacation again. By June I'll be ready for a change. 

I'm grateful for another July on campus for my two intensive courses.  This past summer I managed to get through a grueling month of 16 hour days of class, reading, studying, writing... it was hard.  But I made it through! And I passed!  That gave me some confidence to carry on.

Then after that month in school I'll run to my trailer again for the month of August and when I get there I'll breath deeply the salt air and fall into a restful sleep and perhaps, like Rip Van Winkle, I'll sleep for 20 years!  Not likely. 

For now, I just need to think about getting started again.  Work tomorrow, school for the kids, Tuesday night knitting group, management meetings, staff meetings, SPAC meetings... so much to get into and just thinking about it is tiring.  Got to get it all lined up before September 20th when my online course starts. 

Just thinking about it all is overwhelming... !

Ok God, I need you right about now!

grace.... kathie


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