I went on a brisk walk this morning. Just 10 minutes to Hopkins Pier. To get there you have to walk along a beautiful lane, covered by a canopy of trees, trees as tall as the sky. I love walking that lane, especially in the morning with the sun peeking through the tops. No matter the temperature, that lane is cool and refreshing. After the lane you go up a short but steep hill along a ways and down another hill to the pier.

At the end of the pier I sat and stared at the water, the sun shining down on it looked like sparkling diamonds. No matter where I stood on the pier, the line from the sun made the trail of diamonds lead straight to me. I sat and pondered the truth that God's light finds me no matter where I am. I sensed His presence at that moment and as the heat from the sun warmed my body, the light of God's love filled my heart.

I don't often feel that these days. It's only that I have a memory of it. That memory has been my sustaining power through the darkness, a dark so thick, almost like a fog that surrounds and confounds you. You can see the light but it is a distant light and you can't reach it. I heard Hell once described as a place where you look up and can see Heaven but you can't reach it.
I hope that that feeling never leaves me again. I hope it stays. But the reality is that life is hard and there are hard times we face. When that happens, sometimes we can't see God, feel His love or sense His presence.

But we believe He is there.

We trust in His unfailing love.

And that is faith. That is the faith that sustains us through the darkness.

grace... Kathie


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