2008 has been a very eventful year for the Chiu family. If 2007 was Ed’s year to have health issues, then 2008 has definitely been Kathie’s year. It started early in January with an ultra sound and led to major surgery in March. It was a difficult surgery with complications and she was discharged from the hospital with an infection and the Norwalk Virus. Yuck! Several antibiotic allergic reactions later she finally began to walk a bit every day and was barely ready for our big trip to Italy on April 24th.

However, nothing would stop her from being ready for that and so off we went to celebrate 25 years of marital bliss together (a year and a half late, but better late than never!) Italy was the trip of a lifetime and we will never forget. We arrived in Rome and spent three nights on our own. Our friends Sue & Alan Marola from England met us there on the 4th day and off we went in a rental car to Florence for 3 nights and then to Venice for 3 nights. The museums and history! The trip of a lifetime!

Our summer was spent at Camp Sunrise. We were all up for the July long weekend and aside from filling our trailer to the brim, we had two tents and rented a cabin to accommodate everyone. So we went and got a trailer with more sleeping space in it. It was a great summer in the new trailer. We hope to take it on the road, let’s hope gas prices stay down! Perhaps we’ll see some of you on the great big road trip – we plan to head back east - if not this summer, then next. However, we do love relaxing at the trailer, just hanging out with the kids and swinging on the swing, sitting by the water, it’s so nice and relaxing. We feel so much better after a long relaxing break like that.

Our ministry continues to do well. Ed is RCMP Chaplain here and enjoys that. This fall we hired a director, Darrell Pilgrim, to take over Kathie’s day to day responsibilities at The Caring Place and that has given her more time in pastoral role and more time to write. After a long recovery it’s great to have her back at the piano on Sundays and back in the pulpit with Ed. Manda, our admin asst and good friend, became our business manager. She moved up to the office beside Kathie and kicked Ed out! Those two get into trouble together. Ed’s office was moved and now he can hide and get his work done without distraction! Mike, who started out on the front lines on the midnight shift is now a supervisor and missing from the photo is Tim, our Food Services Supervisor, who is just wonderful in the kitchen and runs it very smoothly.

Evan and Nathan are growing like weeds. They are really delightful boys and we’re very proud of them. Evan has been receiving Neurotherapy for ADHD this year and aced his first report card in grade three. Way to go, Evan! Nathan is beginning to mature into a pre-teen – oh, oh! Some interesting times are a coming.

Sarah & Sheena are both expecting baby number four this year – Sarah in March and Sheena in June. That will make 8 grandchildren to knit for and play with. They are all so delightful and full of energy. Ed especially loves to visit with them and get his regular dose of cuddling! It’s just so much fun to be with them and then so great when they all go home at the end of the day!

Derek is doing very well for himself. He still lives in Langley (over the river) but works here in Maple Ridge as an outreach worker. He’s been staying with us for a few days during the storm we’ve just experienced and are enjoying having him around again. He’ll be 24 this march. Can believe it?

Kathie’s mom is still with us. It has been a real privilege to be able to look after her. If it weren’t for family helping we wouldn’t be able to have her here. She just turned 88 and her older sister Norah is still going and just turned 92. She lives with her daughter in Peterborough. We wish they could see each other again.

We want to wish you all the best in 2009. Although we’re terrible at keeping in touch, we think of you all often. Kathie continues to be challenged with health issues, however, we’re hoping they’ll be resolved soon. Keep in touch. We’re both on msgr. And facebook. Check out Kathie’s blog:


Take care everyone and have a blessed 2009! We’re remembering you in prayer!

Luv always…. Ed & Kathie
& the ahhhchiugang!


  1. Quite a year, Kathie. We must meet sometime, since we're just across the river...(Of course it's a three days' journey, now that the ferry is on ice).

  2. That's too funny! Yes, my son lives over the river and he had to stay here for a few days because he works over here and his car broke down!

    We must get together after the ice melts. I'd love that. I'm going away for a week this Sunday but I'll be back after the Friday. Maybe we could get together then!


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