We Rise Again

Her eyes are blue, just like mine. No, I mean really just like mine - with dark blue rims, green and yellow spots next to the pupil - just like mine.

I wonder at the truly gracious aspect of God. I moaned to him that my choice of husband would always bring me brown haired and brown eyed babies. Not that I didn't love the depths of their gazes and the lustrous tresses that I would run my hands through. I longed to see myself in them. I look at my children and stare sometimes for the similarities, the shape of the eyebrows, the little bump on the ear that runs in my family, the pointy nose and long elegant fingers. I have had to satisfy my longing to recreate myself in these small details.

Them came Sydney. My granddaughter.

Same blonde hair.

Same blue eyes.

Same personality.

What a thrill. What a sense of the eternal.

"We rise again in the faces of our children...."

There I am in her. There she is in me. There we are in Christ Jesus and bonded by something even stronger than blood, than genetics... we're bonded in Spirit.

God is very gracious.

grace.... Kathie


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