My Magical Place

Once in a while I enter into a magical place and then, and only then, am I allowed to dream wonderful things for my life. This is my truth. This is my place. This is my peace. Dreams don't come when I am in my daily routine, time limits me.

Time does not exist in my magical place. There I can create, colourful words, colourful yarns, beautiful patterns swirl in my mind begging to escape. This space is where I want to be.



Lost in my own reverie of creativity, opening the door of mind, letting the ideas escape through my hands shaping the world around me.

Once in a while this happens. But for most of my days this is not my reality. How sad.

Tonight I will walk down this path once again. I will revel in the beauty of my space and allow its essence to inspire me. Tonight I will create.


We'll see.



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