So here you are, Garry!

Okie, dokie, Garry! Here you are. I'm writing in my blog. You know life is like a bowl of cherries... no it's not. Life is busy and you get tired and stressed. And even though you like to write, you get distracted by all the other people in your life who make constant demands on you. However, that's no excuse. The real problem is getting time on the computer!!!

So today I'll write about my excursion to Brantford, Ontario. It's really a wonderful thing to get into this monster contraption, experience it lifting off the ground (I still don't know how they do that) and a few hours later arrive on the other side of the country. What seemed so impossibly far away is only a little trip. So here I am with my friends, Garry & Dora and I'm staying at their house with their boys and April and the two dogs.

Life never changes. People don't even change much, although they do grow wiser. Underneath it all though, are the same people you knew and loved before. Too bad!!! hahahah that's for Garry if he ever reads this.

Marybelle Leach told me this morning that in 16 years I hadn't changed a bit. Isn't that funny. I know I have more wrinkles and I certainly have put on weight. I'm sure my hair is a different colour (well, that's normal for me!). And yet, she still sees the me that was there 16 years ago. A much skinnier me, a much younger me! However, I'm still a knittin gal!

I think that's because we look into a person's eyes and that's when you recognize them - even not seeing someone for 50 years and not recognizing the whole package, you would know them by looking into their eyes. And that's the thing - within them, the thing that makes a person unique - doesn't really change. The eyes are the windows of the soul they say. If that is true, then that is how we know each other.

We wrinkle, go gray and sag. However, our essence remains - and is the same.

So, no Garry, although you say you're a different person now - really, you haven't changed a bit.

And that's a good thing.

OK, so I'll write every day while I'm here since Garry was so good to loan me his laptop.




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