I've Found Family!

It's been very busy in my life and finding time to sit down and write on this blog is like trying to find out who killed Mr. Battle with what and where!

Another mystery, what happened to my mother's family and where are they all, is now starting to unravel. A simple post on a geneology bulletin board in 2005 has led to a young man named Paul Sharman contacting me - my grandparents are his great great grandparents through my mother's sister, Mary. So he is the same generation as my grandchildren. He's hooked me up with another relative through my mother's sister Carrie - apparantly I still have a first cousin alive in the old neighbourhood, Bermondsy, London. He's 82 and his son Thomas (and wife Janice) have contacted me as well.

I'm so very excited! Now when I go to England, I'll have family connections to make - visits and new friendships to build.

All because of that little paragraph on a bulletin board on the internet.

Ya gotta love the net.


check out my new cousin twice removedl:


  1. Hello Kathie,
    This is Belinda, of TWG! I just had to check out your blog after reading your New Year's post on the email list, and I am looking forward to checking out previous posts.

    Happy New Year! I look forward to getting to know you through your writings!


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