Lazy Days at Camp Sunrise

Well, here we are once again, at our favourite holiday location - Camp Sunrise. Our trailer is a comfy, cozy little home away from home where we laze around and eat when we feel like it and sleep when we feel like it. Aaahhhh, if only life could be like this forever. But alas, the money runs out and eventually we must return to the busy and complicated existence. But for now, we won't dwell on that!

Evan is sure enjoying the water. Like his older brother Derek, he loves water and I think is part fish. I'm sure if I offered him Gillyweed to be able to swim under water for an hour, he'd just love it.

I bought a wonderful book in Gibsons the other day - Charmed Knits. A book full of wonderfully bewitched patterns for the knitting wizard in all of us. I love it. Nathan asked for a wizard's robe - which will make a lovely housecoat around the house! A wizard's wand pouch will add to it and give him the opportunity to dress his part for halloween!

I love the last book of the Harry Potter series. J.K. really pulled it all together nicely and brought out images of the gospel that resonate within each one of us - making the ultimate sacrifice for others! I think I'll review it for one of my columns.

Anyway, I'm back to being a lazy vacationer, enough writing for now!



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