Write! Canada

I just arrived home from the Christian writer's conference in Guelph. What a great time I had. Not because it was 'fun' but because I felt like I was among a group of people who all "get" me! I know that's funny to some of you, but writer's are a different breed, I'm discovering. They read - a lot! They buy tons of books and keep little bits of information, tid bits of knowledge they share them with people whenever they can. My kids have referred to me as the "encyclopedia" - "go ask mom" is what you'll hear.

So, I'm not alone - at all. A meeting of minds took place. A meeting of souls took place. It was wonderful to hear the keynote speaker read from his own books about the Cree nation at the time of the treaty signing. It was delightful to meet other writers. I met Cyndy Saltzmann from Nebraska - she writes cute mysteries and non fiction on uncluttering your life! I instantly liked her and her personality ooozes out of her. What a beautiful person.

I'm home now. Life is returning to normal. But somehow I don't think it will ever be the same nor will I think of it in quite the same light. I've known for a while now that I'm a writer, but... now I'm a writer!



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