Mother's Day Musings!

Full of noise and chaos, children squealing with laughter, crying over owies, loud footsteps on the laminate floor - this was Mother's Day. We asked the longest living mother of the family what she wanted to do, and she said, have all the family over for dinner. So we did. Ed made a wonderful turkey dinner, the only ones missing were son-in-law Mike who had to work and Derek - who had the audacity to be in Hawaii during this celebration. Thank goodness the rain held off and we could send the children outside to play.

I love when my children bring me homemade Mother's Day gifts. Evan made me a wonderful picture of a butterfly with painted hand prints with a heart warming poem to go with it. Nathan made me a booklet with his picture in it and an acronym of the word Mother that he made up.

I'm dismayed that my daughter Sheena is no longer making her own cards with beautiful hand written sentiments. But with three small children to look after under four, her days no longer contain enough hours to do everything she needs. Hopefully, when her children are older, she'll take up that beautiful craft again.

My brother Terry always likes to write a little verse in all the cards he sends. He's a real character who likes to laugh and always has a questionable joke for me, being careful not to tell me anything too extreme!

Everyone is so different - for these occasions, I just am happy to know that my family love me and want to spend time with me. I have no need for anything really, but I'll always take a gift certificate for knitting supplies or books!

Anway, a new book I'm reading - Withering Heights by Dorothy Cannell - an amusing and light murder mystery. Just what I've needed this last few days.



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