The Syd & Allie Show

My two babies are finally together again! Seeing Allie Cat and SydSyd together is just wonderful. SydSyd is not sure at all just what to make of Allie Cat and I think she's a bit jealous when Nana is holding her. Allie Cat is just sweet though, just like her mom, gentle and lots of smiles and cuddles. SydSyd is just like her mom too, well, Sarah, we won't go into that, will we!

I'm so happy that Sheena and Mike and their babies are home now. It seemed forever and a day that they were gone and now here we are all together again. And let me tell you that when we're all together - it's absolute chaos. But together with chaos is better than not together at all. I will put up with chaos - I'm actually getting used to it. When I'm really tired it's hard, but if I'm well rested I'm up for it.

Say good bye, Syd & Allie, see you again soon!



  1. Your grandbabies are just adorable!

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Hi Kathie

    its Angie here. just thought i'd pop in and say hi..."sun lai fa loy" happy new year. chinese new year is next weekend so i've been told. hope all is well on your end. if you want to contact me, my email is

    there's so much to say, but i don't even know where to start. i looked at your pictures and kids are so cute. i became an auntie on december 8 to little Emma-Lea Preddy. first grandchild and mom and dad are happy to officially become "nana" and grandpa. mom doesn't want to be called grandma. i should go. hope all is well on your end. i'll have to pop in to the knitting shop sometime. ok, take care.
    luv Ang


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