Happy Birthday!

Isaac and I recently shared our birthday celebration! Everyone came over and we had a wonderful time. Ed barbequed his special chicken marinade and we had salad and other fixings. Of course, in spite of starting a new "eating plan" they got me a cake entitled "Death by Chocolate" for my big day. Well, it was worth the pound I gained - why hesitate, if you're going to cheat you may as well cheat really good.

I'm having a very interesting time lately. As soon as the nice weather hits in BC I start dreaming of camp and sitting and knitting and looking out over the water to Keats Island, and well... you know, nothing much more than that. No busyness and no phone calls about work, just me and the kids and Ed hanging out. Soon....soon....

Well, now that I'm officially at the top end of the 40's I begin to think of the big 50 birthday coming in a few years - I can't believe that. I still feel so young, and I don't think I look that old, but I suppose when Menopause if finished with me my skin will look a little more like I'm supposed to at that age! If only I had scads of money and could live a life of luxury - my own personal chef, workout instructor and the best skin care $ can buy. Well, one can only dream...

I'm tired of dreaming, time to go back to reality!



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