Isaac's New Sweater

Wow! My nana made me a new sweater! It's so cool, I had to put it on right away!

I love the stripes and the colours, they go so nicely with my lovely deep brown eyes. Sorry, I know that sounds incredibly conceited, but I really am rather cute.

My mom and dad brought me over for Easter Sunday dinner. We actually went to church this morning and sang wonderful songs and I got to play with Papa while Nana preached an awesome sermon!

At Nana a Papa's house, I ate a little bit of wonderfully prepared (by Nana of course) mashed potatoes and moist, succulent turkey. The gravy that topped it off was absolutely superb, and again we have to thank Nana for that.

I love my new sweater. Nana is going to make one for my big brother Hosea too! Except his is going to be a really nice sage green to go with his colouring - that red hair gets all the attention!

Anyway, I have to go home now, my mommy says it's my bedtime. See you next time, I love you Nana and Papa. Thank you for my lovely new sweater!


  1. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I'm wondering who I the concieted one, Isaac or Nana. I though Ed was the main cook and bottle washer, haha. I was hping for an invite somewhere for easter Sunday, I would have loved that turkey and gravy. Mine you it would have been an expensive dinner on my part. Travel would have been a killer. Love to all, I've been missing your blogs, glad to have you back writing.
    Your best buddie Dora


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